The critical role of soil pH

Turf managers know the critical role that soil pH plays in soil health and turf quality. Optimal soil pH is a major factor in nutrient availability, microbial activity, soil structure and overall turf vigor. Maintaining the correct soil pH allows for the most efficient use of applied and soil stored nutrients. The Solu-Cal family of calcium and sulfur products allow turf managers to quickly and efficiently address soil chemistry problems.


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Solu-Cal PLUS with INTENSIFY Soil Microbial BioCatalyst
Solu-Cal Plus bag
Calcium to Raise pH & Promote Maximum Nutrient Availability, Probiotics to Release Nutrient Reserves

  • Still the same great Calcium delivery and pH management tool, but now with the added benefit of INTENSIFY Soil Microbial BioCatalyst
  • Formulated with beneficial microbes to significantly increase nutrient availability and efficiency while decreasing use rates
  • 36% Calcium for efficient pH adjustment yielding healthier soil
  • Safe to use any time of year on all turf and landscapes, and agricultural crops