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Our line of homeowner products lets you apply less product than traditional lime and gypsum, while getting superior results. Solu-Cal raises soil pH while adding Calcium and reducing moss infestations. Solu-Cal S leaches the soil of Sodium and helps loosen heavy clay soils. PEAK Iron delivers brilliant green color with limited growth. Solu-Cal 6-12-6 Starter gives your seeding jobs the necessary nutrients including Calcium to produce a vigorous and dense turf. Sulfur MAXX can be used to reduce high soil pH and addresses high sodium problems.

Coarse Grade SOLU-CAL Products

What Our Customers Say

Solu-Cal products have changed the way we work, especially with larger properties. The ability to apply one-quarter the amount of product and still deliver the results our customers expect saves us time & money in trips back to the truck. We are able to provide a better value and more efficient service to our customers. All of the Solu-Cal products have delivered superior results for us.

Scott Guise
Green Is The Color Lawn Care Inc.
East Setauket, NY

Peak Iron does make a difference. The customer used it in their hunting preserve. They plant in strips which makes it nice to see results. I have been using at home in the garden. There is definitely something to it. We have sold most of our inventory, which what I wanted to do. The Solu-Cal line will be a standard product in our inventory.

John Ondo
Centerra Co-op
Middlefield, OH