Solu-Cal Products for:

Specialty Agriculture

Solutions for Calcium deficiencies, soil pH issues, and improved nutrient availability.

Granular SOLU-CAL Products


What Our Customers Say

Solu-Cal products have changed the way we work, especially with larger properties. The ability to apply one-quarter the amount of product and still deliver the results our customers expect saves us time & money in trips back to the truck. We are able to provide a better value and more efficient service to our customers. All of the Solu-Cal products have delivered superior results for us.

Scott Guise
Green Is The Color Lawn Care Inc.
East Setauket, NY

Our customers prefer Solu-Cal products for their ease of use and value. Their product requires fewer bags to get the job done, meaning less work, less product to move around and more profit for them. The landscape professionals we work with ask for Solu-Cal by name; they know it's a quality product. From our experience, we know Solu-Cal provides the best result and the best value. We're pleased to offer the products to our customers.

Spencer Stubbs
Green Resource
Charlotte, NC